Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies

Why choose a Celebrant for your wedding?

A wedding ceremony conducted by a celebrant can take place in so many spaces and places. You will need to undertake the legal part with a registrar (they often prefer this is done prior to the wedding ceremony with a celebrant) and this leaves you free to create a unique ceremony for you as a couple.

Just imagine being able to have your wedding ceremony in any chosen place that you can reserve or hire! Maybe you love a particular nature reserve, ornamental gardens, restaurant, art deco tearooms, music venue, or coastal location complete with beach hut or pier cafe! The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking to go further afield, there might be a particular somewhere abroad: a beach, an art or sculpture gallery, public garden or park, historic building with reservation space in it – wherever you choose and can reserve and book it!

You can also build in different ritual elements and include particular guests in the ceremony as you wish. There are so many creative opportunities.


Getting to Know You Both

It’s a great pleasure and privilege to share in the story of my couples who are coming together in their wedding or partnership ceremony. After you’ve made that first contact with me by email or telephone, we can arrange a consultation meeting which is free of charge. In this initial meeting, I can get a sense of what sort of ceremony you would like and you can consider whether I’m the celebrant for you. This meeting is often in person but can be via a video link.

If you choose me to conduct your wedding or partnership ceremony, I’ll send you your booking form and on return of that form we can then arrange our first planning meeting! We can meet at my celebrant office or at your home to plan all the elements of the ceremony on your special day.

There will be subsequent phone calls and emails to tie up every little detail and make any changes prior to creating the full script for your wedding or partnership. There is of course the option to use media such as Zoom as well for some further vitual face-to-face discussion.

Creating your Ceremony

The ceremony I create will contain exactly the elements you want, tailor-made just for you.

These can include: readings; sharing your story of love; poems and your exchange of vows. I can give you some guidance on writing vows if you find that a little daunting.

The ceremony can also include the exchange of rings, together with music and songs that are special to you. There may be a ritual or two you would like to include and there’s more about those options in the section “Rituals and Certificates’.

The beauty of having a Civil Celebrant Wedding or Commitment ceremony is that your ceremony can take place anywhere. This might be in a traditional covered venue (marriage licensed or unlicensed) but also other places such as yours, or a relative’s or friend’s home or garden, a beach, a beauty spot or a place that means a great deal to you.


Rituals and Certificate

Couples often like to incorporate a ritual or two into their wedding. The best-known example of a wedding ritual is the exchange of rings. There is also a ring-warming ritual that can occur before the exchange of rings.

There are other beautiful rituals such as Hand-Tying, Sand and Rose Ceremonies that are great for symbolising the joining of the couple and their families; as is a ritual such as ‘quaich’ ceremony as the families sip from the ’loving cup’. There are many rituals you can choose from and it’s a fantastic opportunity for family members and friends to be involved in the ceremony.

For more details go to the ’Rituals For Your Ceremony’ section of the website.

I will craft a beautiful wedding or partnership certificate to mark your special day which can be signed by you both and any other people that you might wish to sign it. This is done as part of the ceremony.

Since 4th May 2021, a registrar no longer asks a marrying couple to hand-sign their marriage certificate within the legal ceremony. On the day of you legally marry, the registrar asks you to complete the electronic register in the form of the ‘marriage schedule’.

The paper certificate will then be issued by the Registry Office a few days or possibly a week or so after the legal ceremony.

On Your Day

On your day I will focus on your wedding or partnership ceremony solely. My work that day is purely for you. My role is not only to deliver a fabulous ceremony for you to remember but to also help you feel comfortable and relaxed about all aspects of the actual ceremony.

I like to undertake a rehearsal of the ceremony prior the wedding day with all my couples whenever possible so it should just be a matter of any last-minute details that might need confirmation or resolving on the day.

On your day, I’ll arrive in plenty of time to make sure everything is ready for the ceremony and meet you both on-site beforehand. I’ll also talk to other guests who are involved in the ceremony.

I will help to guide guests with any necessary seating or protocol advice before the start of the ceremony and liaise with venue staff as required.

All that remains is for you to enjoy your wedding ceremony!

My dress code for wedding and partnership ceremonies is in the style of ‘smart wedding guest’. If you would like me to incorporate or avoid any particular colours or would like me to adopt a different dress code for your day then please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate that.


The Legal Part

Currently a Civil Celebrant such as myself, cannot perform the legal part of Marriage or Civil Partnership, so you will need to ensure that you have undertaken the legal part before your wedding celebration ceremony. This can be done simply and at no large cost. Just contact your local Registry Office (or other specific Registry office - if you wish to legally marry out of your area) to find out more.

If you would like to have the Registrar perform the legal part of the ceremony on the same occasion as the ceremony performed by me, then that is possible, but only if you have chosen a venue licenced to hold a legal marriage and registrar is aware that a celebrant will be present at your venue. Many indoor venues are licenced.

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Ready to create a ceremony just for you?