Vow Renewal

Your Vow Renewal

Your Vow Renewal might be to mark a milestone time in your lives or just to celebrate your love and the life you have built together and it’s so exciting when close friends and family can share in the renewal of your commitment to each other. Whatever the reason you have chosen to make your promises to each other again, it’s such a joyous and happy event to plan and be part of, for everyone involved.


Discussing your special day with me

In the first instance you can contact me by phone, email, or the website contact link.

I’ll arrange a day and time when we can discuss when and where you would like your vow renewal to take place and the overall theme or ambience you would like to create for you and your guests.

If you then decide you would like to book me for the ceremony then we get to the exciting part where we plan your ceremony together!

I’m happy to visit you at you home to plan with you the details of the renewal of your vows and this particularly works well if your vow renewal is taking place in your house or garden.

Alternatively, you can visit me at my celebrant office if that suits you better.

Planning the Detail

Some couples like their vow renewal to have a similar structure to a wedding ceremony but you are by no means constrained by this structure. We will plan together all the elements of the ceremony, from welcoming your guests and sharing the significance of the day to the further details of the ceremony. This will include making your personally crafted vows to each other but also other elements that can involve your guests through music, poems, and rituals.

Rituals such as rose, sand or wine ceremonies work really well during vow renewal. You might like to plant a shrub or tree that you can nurture and watch grow. The sand ceremony is fantastic for symbolising the different parts of your family that your time together has joined and nurtured. The hand-tying ritual can reconfirm the bond you have with each other. You might also like to work in small keepsakes for your guests. Go to the ‘Rituals For Your Ceremony’ section of this website for some more details and ideas.

There is so much scope to create a beautiful individual ceremony for you as a couple on that special vow renewal day.


On The Day

On the day of your Vow Renewal, I will only be booked for your event so I solely concentrate on your ceremony on that day.

I’ll arrive in plenty of time to make sure everything is ready for the ceremony part of your day and meet you both on site, beforehand. I’ll also talk to other guests who are involved in the Vow Renewal.

I will help to guide guests with any necessary seating or protocol advice before the start of the ceremony and guide yourselves and any guests participating during the actual ceremony itself.

My dress code for vow renewal ceremonies is ‘smart occasion’ dress. If you would like me to incorporate or avoid any particular colours or would like me to adopt a different dress code for your day then please let me know and I’ll be happy to accommodate that.

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Ready to create a ceremony just for you?