Rituals for Ceremonies

Hand-tying / handfasting ritual

Hand-tying is a symbolic ritual of joining two people together during their wedding. Ribbons or decorative rope are often used. The couple join one or both hands and the ribbon or rope is tied in a specific way that when their hands are drawn apart, the knot can be pulled into an intertwined pattern that has the shape of an eternity symbol.

If using ribbons, they can be laid separately over the hands and tied in one knot, or ribbons can be pre-platted from the specific colours chosen by the couple.

It’s a part of the ceremony that is very visual and can be combined with the exchanging of rings at the same time. It is beautiful to watch and to be part of.


Unity Sand Ceremony

This is when the couple individually add two different coloured sands into one vessel to symbolise the mixing and joining of their lives in a marriage or partnership. But a sand ceremony is not only suitable for weddings and partnerships, it is a wonderful representation to incorporate at naming ceremonies as the parents and children are represented and blended together to form a fantastic pattern of colours in a bottle, picture or vase. The ritual also adds a fun and creative element to a range of ceremonies.

Rose Ceremony

As with the sand ceremony, this ritual symbolises the joining together of different people and groups of people. One traditional way of carrying out this ceremony is to have three vases: a larger one in the middle and two smaller ones on either side. The smaller vases can contain a single rose representing each partner. These can be exchanged during the ceremony and then put together in the central vase. Variations of this ceremony can incorporate roses held and contributed to the central vase from wider members of the family. Different colour roses can be chosen to represent the different families and those families coming together through the ceremony.

The Rose Ceremony is very suited to weddings, partnerships, naming and adoption ceremonies.


Wine Box Ceremony

The Wine Box Ceremony is often used for weddings and partnerships and involves a couple selecting a wine that is a favourite for them both which is sealed in a box. Love letters, messages or keepsakes can also be enclosed in the box. A future date such as five or ten years is then set for the box to be opened together as a reminder of the day of the wedding and the intention of their future together.

Unity Candle Ceremony

This ceremony can be used for a range of ‘joining’ ceremony functions such a naming ceremony, wedding, partnership or adoption ceremony. During a wedding, for example, the couple with each hold a lit candle and at the same time light a larger candle to symbolise their union. This ceremony lends itself beautifully to the inclusion of other members of the member and can be adapted to suit a range of ceremonies and milestones. The large central candle and individual candle can be personalised if you wish.


Something else in mind?

There are further ritual ceremonies that can be included into your celebration such as a ‘Quaich’ or ‘Jumping the Broom’. Please discuss with me any other specific ones you would like incorporated.

Equipment for the rituals
Equipment will either need to be provided by the clients or it can be ordered by me and agreed during our planning time and added to your invoice. Clients often like to shop for their own choice of vase, ribbons, roses, wine box etc as this is usually an aspect personal preference and choice. However, if you would like to deliver that to me ahead of the day of the ceremony that will one thing you won’t have to remember on the day of the ceremony.

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