Naming & Adoption Ceremonies

Getting in Contact

In the first instance you can contact me by phone, email, or the website contact link and we can arrange an in-person meeting or by Zoom/Google Meet etc to have an initial chat about what you like in your naming ceremony. This is free of charge and you can then decide if you would like to go ahead and book me as the celebrant for your naming occasion.


Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies can be for very young children and mark the arrival of them into their family. It’s an opportunity for family and guide-parents to make their promises to nurture, guide and protect the young child as they grow up.

Naming ceremonies are not only celebrations for very young children. Children are often older and the ceremony takes place at a time when they are able to take a key part in the ceremony. Siblings may have their naming ceremony together on the same day. They can mark milestones or rites of passage for older children and adults. They can be a perfect way to welcome adopted and step-children to the family.

Planning the Details

Whatever the reason for yours or your children’s naming or family ceremony, I can help you create one that is unique and individual. The ceremony can incorporate ideas such as a commemorative book, a display print or decorative container with written wishes or promises from the guests. You can choose your own music, poems or stories. And of course, it will include the ceremonial aspect of ‘naming’ the child or adult. I will also present you with a naming certificate to commemorate the day.

I will craft the details of the ceremony and send that to you to check before the naming ceremony day. You can then let me know of any alterations you would like me to make.


On The Day

I will deliver the ceremony and guide your guests through any part they might be playing in the naming ceremony. I will only be delivering your naming ceremony on that day and so my focus will solely be on you and making your naming ceremony successful and very special.

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Ready to create a ceremony just for you?