Ash Scattering & Burial Ceremonies

Before the Ceremony

I will meet with you to discuss where and when you would like the ash-scattering or ash burial ceremony to take place. We can then talk about how you would like to structure the ceremony; and here you have a lot of freedom to have any remembrance elements that you like. You can tell me your ideas about what you would like and I can also offer a range of suggestions for this type of ceremony.


Creating the Ceremony

I will compile all the elements we have discussed into one complete ceremony and share that with you. We can then make any changes if necessary to get the ceremony exactly as you want it to be. The final ceremony script will then be shared with you before the day of the ash-scattering or burial.

Creative and Ritual Elements

You may wish to include: Poems, music, songs, spoken contributions from friends and family or eco-friendly ritual elements such making and flying home-made kites which can be used on the day, and again on key dates; planting a tree or flower-plant or writing the loved-one’s name on seed-paper, planting it, and later in the year seeing it burst into colour. You could also consider ideas such as stone painting, scattering flower petals or the release of bubbles.


During the Ceremony

My role as celebrant is to guide everyone through the whole ceremony; starting with welcoming everyone, leading and introducing the spoken elements of the ceremony and incorporating any personal and ritual elements. I also guide you through the actual scattering or burial of the ashes.

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